Who we are


Cinemazero was born in 1978 as a cultural association. In September 1982 the first edition of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival took place; this event subsequently became one of the most famous international appointments among those dedicated to the origins of Cinema. It ranks among the most prestigious film Festivals in the world (Variety put it between the main festivals in the world). Our Association has always developed and continues to develop a large number of important initiatives going far beyond the Italian contest, from photographic exhibitions to various study conferences, from retrospectives philologically edited to a publishing activity always keeping up with the times.

Cinemazero found and restored two “thought to be lost” Orson Welles movies: Too Much Johnson (1938—>2013) and The merchant of Venice (1968—>2015); with the last one Cinemazero opened the 72nd Venice Film Festival. Now the film are being screened at festivals and in the main museums all over the world.

Cinemazero has as main aim the diffusion of audiovisual culture and deeply believes that this can be reached only through an open and multiform offer. That means manage the program of the 3 screens 365 days a year, with 160 ca special events – many of them as “meeting with the authors” – and 2806 shows of movies; lessons and laboratories in schools; a Mediatheque with a free service (14,000 dvds, magazines, 12,000 books about cinema); festivals with different contents and audiences (Pordenone Silent Film Festival, Le Voci dell’Inchiesta, FMK – International Short Film Festival); collaborations with different subjects on different matters (ecology with the regional observatory for enviormental education; legality with a cooperative of costumers; health with the city hospital and foundations and associations); multiculturalism with a lot of associations (through specific film exhibitions or the collaboration with a LGBT association)); an archive with more than 20,000 photos of the greatest directors of the ’60 and ’70 and an uncountable number of documents and audio recordings/interviews (to Pasolini, Fellini, Tarkovsky and others).

Cinemazero owns very rare pictures of Pasolini, Fellini, Bertolucci, Tina Modotti, an impressive photoghraphic archive that supplies material for exhibitions all over the world and that allowed the realization of a documentary on Federico Fellini, “Ciao Federico!”, and one on Pasolini's last movie, “Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma”, both presented at the Venice Film Festival and the Festival de Cannes.

Our city, Pordenone, has 52.000 citizens and we had in the 2014 110.000 spectators at the cinema and 25.000 users of the mediateque. We believe that the match of all these things helped us to reach that outcome, thanks to the development of the audiovisual culture that create a larger demand of audiovisual culture! In this, the activities with schools are strategic and the complex of the different activities work together to obtain the main result.

Coming to Pordenone means experiencing the beloved lands of Pasolini’s youth and – thanks to its strategic position – have the chance to reach Venice, Treviso, Trieste in a hour; or go to Austria and Slovenia in a couple of hours.



The festival is an actual and multimedia event, whose main aim is to broaden the access to investigative journalism for both citizens and professionals through screenings, meetings, lectures and debates, divided by theme. Since investigative journalism is also a means of artistic expression, we encourage to analyse the growing complexity of reality through the work of independent filmmakers.

Our guests are among the most important contemporary protagonists of investigative journalism in all its genres: paper, internet, new media, and film.
The main venue of the festival is Cinemazero, with its three viewing rooms, and every screening is joined by meetings, round tables, readings, master classes and debates, with extraordinary public and media success (www.cinemazero.it).

Among the names we had the pleasure to host in the past editions of the festival (2007-2014): Fredrik Gertten, Gianfranco Rosi, Nikolaus Geyrahalter, Marina Nehmat, Nina Rosenblum, Rachel Beth Anderson, Martyn Burke, Andrea Prandstraller, Inge Altemeier, Reinhard Hornung, Nick Ryan, Walter Veltroni, Daniele Vicari, Diana Fabianova,Sergio Zavoli, Angelo Guglielmi, Riccardo Iacona, Furio Colombo, Emilio Ravel, Bruno Voglino, Paolo Ruffini, Enrico Deaglio, Beppino Englaro, Corradino Mineo, Marco Pratellesi, Bice e Carla Biagi, Curzio Maltese, Nino Criscenti, Franco Iseppi, Emmanuele Milano, Duilio Giammaria, Pio D'Emilia, Domenico Iannacone, Corrado Stajano, Mario Dondero, Roberto Morrione, Attilio Bolzoni, Maurizio Torrealta, Oliviero Beha, Cecilia Mangini, Tommaso Montanari, Sveva Sagramola, Valeria Palumbo, Gianfranco Pasquino, Sigfrido Ranucci, Roberto Reale, Loris Mazzetti, Giovanni Minoli, Walter Veltroni, Italo Moscati, Piero Badaloni, Gianni Barbacetto, Letizia Battaglia, Gianni Bisiach, Sergio Canciani, Mimmo Candito, Marco Travaglio, Saverio Lodato, Giulietto Chiesa, Beppe Cremagnani, Barbara Cupisti, Fiore De Rienzo, Pierpaolo Cito, Pierpaolo Mittica, Luciano Mirone, Riccardo Staglianò, Giovanni Ziccardi, Gianfranco D'Anna, Gloria De Antoni, Carlo Ripa di Meana, Roberto Scarpinato, Giovanni Rizzoni, Claudio Lazzaro, Roberto Olla, Fabio Ghioni, Roberto Savio, Alejandro Inchaurregui, Andrea Sirotti Gaudenzi, le redazioni di "Libera","Articolo 21", "Rai News 24", Ugo Gregoretti, Luciano Emmer, Gianfranco Mingozzi, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Oliviero Ponte di Pino, Ascanio Celestini, Pippo Delbono, Ulderico Pesce, Enrico Ghezzi, Daniele Segre, Francesco Conversano, Nene Grignaffini, Carlo Bachschmidt, Gustav Hofer, Luca Ragazzi, Raffaele Brunetti, Benoit Felici, Piergiorgio Gay, Franco Fracassi, Thomas Torelli, Claudia Cipriani, Marco Leopardi, Gilles Coton, Paolo Serbandini, Giovanna Massimetti, Penelope Bortoluzzi, Valentina Monti, Bruno Bigoni, Alessandro Melazzini, Marco Bertozzi, Pierfrancesco Diliberto (Pif), Teho Teardo, Giuliana Musso, Chiara Stoppa, Andrea Princivalli, Giancarlo Soldi, and many others among writers, directors and journalists.
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